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Click the Picture Below for a Tribute to my best friend (deceased), who if I would of ever got married, he would of been the Best Man!

He would of also got all kind of media on all sides to go after those who abused me (and almost killed me) at the House of Satan/Evil Nursing Home aka Valley Manor Nursing Home (Valley Manor Rehabilitation and Care Center), 7650 PA-309, Coopersburg, Pennsylvania 18036 Bucks County!!

As well as the cluster fucks @ the Bucks County Agency On Aging Ombudsman Lead by Friend of the House of Satan Nursing Home Deb Taylor along with a short list of cast of characters, (there is a LOT more to come!). People who harmed me there, more to come in 2020!

Heather Kratz, CRNP, she is an example of why I never married, she gave me such a hard time....(more on this soon!)

Trinidad Diaz, Adult Protective Services, friends of Sue Reinhart Director of Nursing, Corruption at its Satanic Worse, needs termination & prosecution!

Maragrito (Margaret) Bilik the Unit Manager from Poland, (I want to see if she is here legally or not and if she is an abusive parent like she is abusive to me) her children need to be taken from her for being abusive at me!

Thomas Trauger, General Manager & Nursing Home Administrator

Karli the useless Social Worker (her boss Stella is more useless as there should be no Social Department, it is a fraud!

Wendy the Dietician gave me all kinds of abuse about too much protein will damage kidneys that lying propaganda

Tamara Falwell, RN who nearly assaulted me while taking a shit there because her friend a Nurse Aid got in trouble for screaming at me when I asked for a nurse, she said I was too excessive and she got reprimanded.

This is not even scratching the surface with these Sodomites from Hell!

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