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Click the Picture Below for a Tribute to my best friend (deceased), who if I would of ever got married, he would of been the Best Man!

As well as the cluster fucks @ the Bucks County Agency On Aging Ombudsman Lead by Friend of the House of Satan Nursing Home Deb Taylor along with a short list of cast of characters, (there is a LOT more to come!). People who harmed me there, more to come later in 2020!

Heather Kratz, CRNP, she is an example of why I never married, she gave me such a hard time....(more on this soon!) Needs to have her medical license pulled forever! Her children taken from her, she is unfit, beating up on me is proof!

Trinidad Diaz, Adult Protective Services, friends of Sue Reinhart Director of Nursing, Corruption at its Satanic Worse, needs termination & prosecution!

Maragrito (Margaret) Bilik the Unit Manager from Poland, (I want to see if she is here legally or not and if she is an abusive parent like she is abusive to me) her children need to be taken from her for being abusive at me!

Thomas Trauger, General Manager & Nursing Home Administrator

Karli the useless Social Worker (her boss Stella is more useless as there should be no Social Department, it is a fraud!

Wendy the Dietician gave me all kinds of abuse about too much protein will damage kidneys that lying propaganda

Tamara Falwell, RN who nearly assaulted me while taking a shit there because her friend a Nurse Aid got in trouble for screaming at me when I asked for a nurse, she said I was too excessive and she got reprimanded. She should be sterilized so she can NEVER have children and never be allowed to adopt children, that would be promoting child abuse!

This is not even scratching the surface with these Sodomites from Hell!

Up from Slavery: A Biography of Booker T. Washington

The birth of the modern American Libertarian movement can arguably be traced to the work of three women.

Kansas: Police Officer Fired For Faking Viral Story Of McDonald's Worker Writing Pig On His Coffee (Video)

How about a Scorpion Taco!?

Donald John Trump signs bill restoring funding for black colleges!


Doses of Vaccines for USA Children from Birth to 18 Years of age:

Pakistan: Special court hands death sentence to former President General Pervez Musharraf in high treason case

New York Public School Rejects Request By Christian Teen To Start A Christian Club As 'Too Exclusive' Then Approves An LGBTQ+ Pride Club Instead

Michelle LaVaughn Robinson Obama in Malaysia: U.S. still not where we need to be on race

School Invites Convicted Prostitute Drag Queen to Talk to Kids

Police say a 13-year-old boy has confessed in brutal stabbing murder of Barnard College student Tessa Majors

Oregon beggar sentenced to jail after causing over $9,000 in damage because no one was giving her money, report says

California: Cop Shoots Innocent Unarmed Woman - Forces Her To Crawl to Him As She Bleed Out (Video)

Battle of the Teenagers: Black Conservative 17 Year Old CJ Pearson Challenges 16 Year Old Greta Thunberg To Climate Debate After She has Named Time's Person of the Year!

5 Margaret Sanger Quotes That Expose the Jew Hating, Minority Hating Racist Legacy of Planned Parenthood.

Swedish scientist proposes cannibalism to fight climate change!

7 Ways Hemp Plastic Could Change the World!

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Gun Rights Platform

Let us never forget the brave Black Panthers that stood by their rights in the 1960s; staunchly opposing oppressive/fascist/nazi/communist police brutality and the Mulford Act, a gun control bill signed by Ronald 'the actor' Reagan and supported by the NRA to disarm them in 1968.

1. Part of Radio America USA's 3rd Party Independent Platform: (1) The RIGHT to Bare Arms #2ndAmendment ANY & ALL WEAPONS, we call for REPEAL of the Mulford Act in California, repeal the Gun Control Act of 1968 which the NRA supported @ that time! (Frauds!)

(2) RAUSA calls for the repeal of June 26, 1934. The National Firearms Act (NFA), Federal Firearms Act (FFA) of 1938

Item 2. the end of ALL ABORTIONS, make it CAPITAL PUNISHMENT!

Item 3. We demand the repeal of the 1954 (Eisenhower) Johnson Amendment - which is violation of the First Amendment (Freedom of Religion & Free Speech)

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