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Bradlee Dean, CEO Sons of Liberty Media and Radio; The Sentence That Will Deter Crime In Any Government!

Tim Brown, Editor Sons of Liberty Media and Radio; The white fibers of vaccine blood clots explained!

Les Feldick, from his home The two Gospels!

Les Feldick, Galatians teaching on the two Gospels!


It is time America to get off your lazy Gluteus Maximus, stop sitting on the sidelines and get involved in saving your nation, you are 1 click away from total loss! The Videos Below describe exactly under Law & the U.S. Constitution on how you can on a local level get involved, watch the videos, study, take notes, get involved, THIS IS THE LAST, FINAL CALL!

First Initiative In Restoring The Republic: Recognize & Install Grand Jury In Your County

Militia 2.0: Re-establishing The Constitutional Law Enforcers In The USA

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